St. Paul Approved As Oregon’s 54th Certified Local Government By State Historic Preservation Office

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department’s State Historic Preservation Office has announced that St. Paul has been approved as Oregon’s 54th Certified Local Government under a National Park Service program that helps promote historic preservation at the local level.  As a CLG, the City will be eligible for grants and technical services to preserve and promote its heritage.

Press Release Nov. 2, 2018

The City of St Paul has committed to preserving its historic places by developing a local preservation program and participating in the federal Certified Local Government (CLG) program.

The city has been officially approved as a CLG, as a part of the program of the National Park Service which is coordinated on the state level by the State Historic Preservation Office. The program requires communities to have a preservation program that includes a board or commission and a process to designate local historic landmarks. Benefits of participation include technical assistance and grant funding. The city already had a historical resources board, so just needed a few revisions to be certified.

St Paul has had a historical resources board for years and has accomplished several preservation successes. The board looks forward to accessing grant funds and inspiration from other CLGs to bring some fresh energy to the program. Shirley Southerland, board chair, is looking forward to new opportunities. “We are thinking of grants to preserve the stories of our historic homes, involve students in historic preservation and assist in the preservation of a few historic structures.”

St Paul is the 54rd local government in Oregon to become a CLG.

For more information about the CLG and other preservation programs, visit or contact Kuri Gill at or 503-986-0685.