Indie Film “First Cow” Being Shot On Location In St. Paul

A film crew has moved into St. Paul to begin filming scenes for “First Cow”, an independently produced fictional story set in an 1820’s Oregon fur trading post.  The Portland, Oregon based production crew from FilmScience set up a base camp this week at the St. Paul Rodeo grounds, and filming began on a small set at San Salvador Beach on the Willamette River about 3 miles west of town.  The 50 person film crew, assisted by about 30 extras, re-created a 1820’s river ferry crossing bustling with authentically costumed fur trappers and Chinook tribe Indians.


The St. Paul Rodeo grounds provided an ideal and popular location for the film crew, who had just spent several weeks on location “….way out in the woods…” and with few amenities, according to one crew member.  A large event tent was set up on the grounds to provide three catered meals a day, and the gun club building was transformed into the nerve center for the production, complete with a portable network server and wi-fi to support the laptops being used to organize and coordinate the operation.

The film crew commented that St. Paul and French Prairie are ideal for film production due to their close proximity to Portland, and the variety of location choices available.  St. Paul’s hospitality was welcomed, too, and the crew extended its thanks to the St. Paul Rodeo Association and the City of St. Paul for their assistance.

For more information on the “First Cow” movie, including a plot synopsis, visit the Indiewire  website.