Traffic Safety Improvements Begin For St. Paul.

More vehicles than ever are using River Road NE and the St. Paul Highway due to the opening of the Newberg-Dundee Bypass and increased congestion on Interstate 5, and most of it is coming through St. Paul.  In order to improve traffic safety through town, changes are coming.

ODOT and Marion County have agreed to convert the confusing three-way intersection at Church Avenue and Main Street to a four-way stop, and add striped “continental” crosswalks to all four legs of the intersection.  Westbound traffic will no longer be able to make right hand turns without stopping.

Speed limits for Northbound traffic approaching St. Paul from the south on River Road will be reduced, as well. A 45mph transition zone will be added from the City limits 1,000 feet to the south.

A manually operated flashing crosswalk beacon is tentatively scheduled for installation in April at the Main Street and Blanchet Avenue intersection to help facilitate safe pedestrian crossing.

To help improve safety for vehicles and pedestrians on Christie Street near the historic Catholic Church and parochial school, the City has installed a stop sign for westbound traffic on Church Avenue at Christie.