Speed Zone Changes Coming To St. Paul March 8th.

Lower speed limits are coming to St. Paul. In response to increased traffic volume and speed complaints, the City, Marion County and ODOT have agreed to reduce speed limits in town following a traffic study.

The changes affect Main Street and River Road as follows:

  • A 45mph transition zone for Northbound River Road traffic approaching town, beginning 1,000 feet south of the city limits. (Currently 55mph.)
  • City limits to Delorme Avenue will remain at 25mph both directions.
  • Delorme Avenue to Church Street both directions will become a 20mph business district to slow traffic further and improve pedestrian safety.

Marion County Public Works crews will be installing the new speed signs on Friday, March 8th.  Please be careful driving and watch out for workers in the roadway. 

The City will be asking the Sheriff’s Office to begin some enhanced traffic enforcement of the new speed zones after drivers, have a few days to get used to the changes.

The confusing 3-way stop at the Church and Main intersection will be converted to a 4-way stop by ODOT this Spring.