Fireworks And Fires Can Destroy A Farmer’s Livelihood.

Drive through French Prairie and you’ll see fields of ripening grass for seed and forage. Thanks to a mild Winter and perfect Spring weather, growing conditions for grass and other crops have been great.  Farms feed families and provide jobs to help Oregon’s economy.     Harvest will begin soon for local farmers, bringing the money they rely on for their livelihood.  A single firework in the wrong place can ruin that in an instant.  Just watch the expression on a farmer’s face when a $50,000 field of grass seed burns…

May and June have been two of the driest months on record in Oregon. Grass and brush fire season has started early, straining the resources of local Fire Departments already dealing with increased workloads due to traffic crashes and medical responses.

The July 4th holiday is just about here, along with legal and illegal fireworks.  Enjoy the legal fireworks safely and watch the big professional displays in St. Paul, Molalla, Newberg, and other towns.  Don’t use illegal fireworks. They’re hazardous, annoying to your neighbors, and could get you a trip to jail, a hefty fine, and a lawsuit if you damage someone else’s property.  Be mindful that firefighters on a fireworks caused fire will be delayed or unavailable to respond to crashes and medical emergencies.

Take a stand for French Prairie, too. If someone is using illegal fireworks, especially in a manner that can cause crop or property damage, or hurt someone, report them to the police.

2019 Fireworks Campaign - Illegal Fireworks