Traffic Enforcement Operation Planned in French Prairie Area on June 26 and June 28.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office has issued the following press release:

This week the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Safety Team will again be focusing their efforts in the French Prairie area of Marion County.  On June 26th and 28th, deputies will be conducting a traffic enforcement operation during the morning and evening commutes.  This area of Marion County experiences a heavy amount of commuter traffic along multiple roadways including; Highway 219, River Road, French Prairie Road, McKay Road, Yergen Road and Ehlen Road.

Driving habits such as speeding, cell phone use, unsafe passing, and following too close have all been identified as contributing factors to serious injury and fatal traffic crashes throughout Marion County.  Year to date in 2019, there have been 12 fatalities as a result of crashes on Marion County roadways.  The most recent fatal crash was on June 16th in the French Prairie area.

This enforcement operation is part of an ongoing effort by the Sheriff’s Office to work collaboratively with our community stakeholders to improve traffic safety in the French Prairie area.  In May of this year, the Sheriff’s Office did a similar enforcement operation which resulted in 106 traffic stops being made in an 8 hour period and the issuance of 146 citations.  Over 90 of those citations were for speeding.

The Sheriff’s Office wants to encourage drivers to slow down and drive responsibly.  This traffic enforcement operation is being funded by a grant from the Oregon Department of Transportation.