St. Paul Water System To Shut Down January 20th For Repairs.

St. Paul is advising residents that the entire water system will be shut down for major repairs beginning at 8:00AM on January 20th.  Water service is estimated to resume the morning of the following day.

The shutdown is for the purpose of installing a generator auto transfer switch and replace a booster pump isolation valve at the City’s water treatment plant.

The City has issued a Notice concerning the shutdown, and residents are advised to boil tap water once the shutdown begins and when water service resumes.  The Notice may be downloaded here:

boil_water_advisory_2020 (1)

Two years ago for a planned water system shutdown, the City brought in several portable toilets, and arranged for Marion County Emergency Services to truck in a potable water supply.   No such arrangements have been announced this time.

The French Prairie Outlook recommends that residents stockpile sufficient water for personal uses and flushing toilets during the outage.