St. Paul City Council To Consider Major Rodeo Complex Capital Improvements On February 12th.

The St. Paul Rodeo arena will see some big, bright improvements this Spring if the City Council approves a plan by the St. Paul Rodeo Association to replace the aging stadium lighting, some of which is over 40 years old.

Funded by the the Association,  the $450,000 project will improve lighting in and around the arena and City Park.  Under the current Use Agreement between the City and the Association, any capital improvement project costing over $100,000 requires Council approval.  The Council will consider the request at the February 12th regular monthly meeting.

The new professionally designed lighting will increase safety, be more energy efficient, and will enhance the visitor experience for events at the facility, including the annual Rodeo and Fall high school football.  Electrical infrastructure will be upgraded to serve the new lighting with the assistance of Portland General Electric.

The lights will be installed on 15 new poles. As part of it’s commitment to community service, the Association has offered to provide space on top of one of the poles for the installation of an antenna to make badly needed improvements to public safety communications  in French Prairie.  Preliminary discussions are underway with the St. Paul Fire District, Marion County, and METCOM concerning the installation to see if it’s technically feasible.

At the February 12th meeting, the Council will resume consideration of the proposed Rodeo Complex Management Agreement and could render a decision.