Vandalism Damages Emergency Generator In St. Paul Resulting In Expensive Repair Costs.

Vandalism to the emergency backup generator at the 5th Street sewer lift station will likely cost St. Paul taxpayers hundreds of dollars to repair.

During weekly maintenance and inspection, Public Works staff found the generator’s radiator had been shot several times with a pellet gun, puncturing and partially draining the unit.  Had the generator activated, the lack of coolant could potentially destroy the $30,000 generator, that, in the event of a power outage, powers the primary sewer lift station serving the entire city.

Without the lift station in operation, a sewage spill might occur, which could pose a health hazard and result in fines and penalties from DEQ.

Repairs are expected to cost St. Paul taxpayers $800-$1,500.  The vandalism is being reported to the Sheriff’s Office.  Anyone with information about who caused the damage should contact the St. Paul City Office at (503) 633-4971.  The vandalism occurred sometime in the last 7-10 days.