Oregon Marine Board Denies Petition To Remove Towed Watersports On The Willamette River In The Newberg Pool.

The Oregon State Marine Board held a virtual work session on July 22 and their quarterly Board meeting on July 23, live streamed from the agency’s Salem office.   At the meeting, the Board considered a petition which proposed the removal of towed watersports zones in the Newberg Pool on the Willamette River to allow all water activities and require wake surfing to occur in the middle of the river in an upstream direction only. The Board had previously denied a petition with the same language at their May meeting, citing conflict with a rulemaking process already open in the same area.

The Board denied the petition again at the July 23 meeting, citing the recent adoption of new rules for the area which went into effect July 1, 2020. The Board wants to gauge the effectiveness of education and increased awareness around compliance with these rules. The Board also gave the agency Director the authority to deny petitions related to the Newberg Pool on the Willamette River in the immediate future,with the condition that the Director inform the Board of any rejected petitions in the quarterly Board report.