Press release from WPD.

Tuesday, June 23 2020 – Woodburn, OR – On Tuesday, June 23, 2020, the Woodburn Police Department (WPD) arrested Salem resident Jubentino Guzman, (age 26) after receiving information on June 19, 2020 about a sexually explicit video circulated on social media that showed Guzman with a 16-year-old victim.

After interviews were completed, it was learned that Guzman was employed as a track coach at French Prairie Middle School in Woodburn. Guzman admitted the relationship had been on-going for several months. WPD confirmed that Guzman was a coach at French Prairie Middle School from 2013 through 2020, and that the victim was a former student at the middle school when Guzman was employed there.

Guzman was booked into the Marion County jail on charges of Sex Abuse III, Encouraging Child Sexual Abuse I, Possession of Child Pornography, and Official Misconduct.

Anyone with information about this case should contact Detective Linda Hedricks of WPD at 503-982-2345.

As this is an on-going investigation, and involves a minor, no further information is available at this time.

St. Paul Receives Preliminary Plan Approval Today For Water System Upgrades.

Today, the Oregon Health Authority Drinking Water Services Program (OHA-DWS) issued  preliminary plan approval for the City of St. Paul to proceed with upgrades to its water system.  The approval allows the City to begin the engineering and design phase of the project, which involves connecting a well owned by the St. Paul Rodeo Association to the City water system for municipal water service.     Engineers will design the system to meet current drinking water standards subject to further review and approval by OHA-DWS.

The project represents a significant step forward in improving the City’s water system, and was made possible by the collaborative efforts of the City and the St. Paul Rodeo Association and formalized in the recently signed Management Agreement for the St. Paul Rodeo Complex.

2020 Molalla Buckeroo Canceled.

Another area rodeo has canceled due to the pandemic. The Molalla Buckeroo will not be held this year.  The Buckeroo organization has released the following statement:


Well, the time has come. The Molalla Buckeroo Association held tight on to the hope that there would be a way to make it happen, that people would heal, that the virus could be contained and event restrictions could be lifted in time. The Covid-19 pandemic is not something any of us could have ever imagined we’d experience in our lifetimes, but it is here and it has affected everything. It is with heavy hearts that we must announce the cancelation of the 2020 Molalla Buckeroo Rodeo, Kickoff Party & Annual Trailride.

First Election Results In From Marion County.

Marion County Elections has released the first results for today’s primary election.  A couple of items of interest:

  • 5th District Congress Republican primary – Amy Courser with 51%, easily ahead.
  • Measure 24-444 Hubbard FD local option tax levy passing 60%-40%

Full report here below. Next results about 11pm.

Cumulative – no PCPs-5-19-2020 8 PM


Another St. Paul City Councilor Resigns, Leaving Two Vacant Positions.

Two St. Paul City Council members have resigned since March, leaving the City with just enough members to have a quorum. Councilor Tim Woodland is the latest resignation, following the March resignation of Councilor Velma Amaya-Medina.  How this will affect Council business and City Budget preparation is yet to be seen.

The City Council has advertised the openings and is seeking letters of interest from qualified City residents who may wish to serve on the Council.   The remaining two Councilors and the Mayor may appoint persons to serve out the remaining terms of the vacant positions.

Since the Council has enough remaining members to constitute a quorum, it can still function, make binding decisions, and give final approval to a City Budget, but only if all three members are present at a meeting.

If a third resignation occurs, the remaining Council members are required by State law to call a special election to elect members to fill ALL vacant positions.   If all City Council positions became vacant, the Marion County Commissioners would appoint three persons to serve as Council members to create a quorum, and those appointed would meet to appoint two more persons to constitute the full 5-person Council required by the City Charter. 

Aurora City Council Cancels Colony Days

News Release from City of Aurora just in:

At its Tuesday, May 12 meeting, the Aurora City Council agreed by consensus to cancel its annual Colony Days event.

Colony Days was originally scheduled to take place August 7 and 8. The event is typically preceded by a Concerts in the Park series that starts in July. That has also been cancelled.

“Cancelling Colony Days was not a decision that the council took lightly,” Mayor Brian Asher said. “However, large gatherings are prohibited statewide until at least September, so we’re doing what we can to keep our citizens and visitors to our community healthy and safe.”

The City’s Parks Committee began having a discussion at its April 21 meeting about the possibility of having other events. One may take place in the fall, as circumstances allow, and another would be at an indoor venue during the winter. The Parks Committee is scheduled to continue that discussion at its May 19 meeting.

“Even though we won’t be having Colony Days, we would still love to have a community event of some sort,” Asher said. “We have volunteer councilors and committee members working on coming up with ideas, in case we’re able to have one in the future.”


Governor Brown Allows 28 of Oregon’s 36 Counties To Enter Phase 1 Re-Opening. Marion and Polk County Denied.

Gov. Brown released the official list of Oregon counties allowed to begin reopening during a news conference Thursday morning. They will need to remain in the first phase for three weeks before they can continue with the next step of the reopening process.

The Governor also said some communities might need to go back into a ‘stay-at-home’ order if there is a spike in cases that can’t be contained through contact tracing and quarantine.

The following counties have been approved for Phase 1:

Hood River

Oregon State Fire Marshal Extends Self Serve Gas In Oregon

Press release: April 24, 2020

Office of the State Fire Marshal Extends Rules Allowing for Self-Serve Gas to May 11, 2020

The Office of the State Fire Marshal is extending a temporary rule change that allows Oregon gas stations to provide self-service on a voluntary basis, in order to address shortages of workers experienced by gas retailers statewide.
The rules change was first announced on March 28 and then extended on April 11 to April 25. Today, State Fire Marshal Jim Walker extended the deadline another two weeks, through May 9.

“We want to thank Oregonians and Oregon businesses for being flexible during these challenging times,” said Walker. “As we continue to monitor this ongoing situation, we feel it is best to extend this option for an additional two weeks.”

The extension of the change will still allow station attendants to help customers while avoiding face-to-face and hand-to-hand contact. It also continues to ensure physical distancing measures are in place. Attendants will continue to sanitize station equipment and fuel nozzles and assist customers with their refueling as needed.

Self-service is not mandatory. This option allows some fueling stations to maintain their operations with fewer workers and lets Oregonians, particularly essential workers who must travel, still commute without the uncertainty of not being able to find open gas stations. Unattended self-service is permitted when a gas station owner exhausts all staffing options. Stations that do not have an attendant on duty are still required to post safety signs for physical distancing and instructions showing customers how to operate a fuel pump correctly.

This extension of the self-service rules change has not affected areas of the state that were already authorized for self-service refueling under state law.

Information about the extended rules change for self-service gasoline can be found on the OSFM website.