Night Paving Work – Hwy 219 At Willamette River Bridge, St. Paul. Expect Delays.

An overnight paving project has begun on Hwy 219 between St. Paul and Newberg.  Crews are paving the Willamette River bridge and approaches. Traffic is one lane only and being controlled by flaggers and a pilot car.  Lots of heavy equipment on the project with dump trucks coming and going.

Expect delays of 5 to 15 minutes and congested traffic.

St. Paul Receives Preliminary Plan Approval Today For Water System Upgrades.

Today, the Oregon Health Authority Drinking Water Services Program (OHA-DWS) issued  preliminary plan approval for the City of St. Paul to proceed with upgrades to its water system.  The approval allows the City to begin the engineering and design phase of the project, which involves connecting a well owned by the St. Paul Rodeo Association to the City water system for municipal water service.     Engineers will design the system to meet current drinking water standards subject to further review and approval by OHA-DWS.

The project represents a significant step forward in improving the City’s water system, and was made possible by the collaborative efforts of the City and the St. Paul Rodeo Association and formalized in the recently signed Management Agreement for the St. Paul Rodeo Complex.

Another St. Paul City Councilor Resigns, Leaving Two Vacant Positions.

Two St. Paul City Council members have resigned since March, leaving the City with just enough members to have a quorum. Councilor Tim Woodland is the latest resignation, following the March resignation of Councilor Velma Amaya-Medina.  How this will affect Council business and City Budget preparation is yet to be seen.

The City Council has advertised the openings and is seeking letters of interest from qualified City residents who may wish to serve on the Council.   The remaining two Councilors and the Mayor may appoint persons to serve out the remaining terms of the vacant positions.

Since the Council has enough remaining members to constitute a quorum, it can still function, make binding decisions, and give final approval to a City Budget, but only if all three members are present at a meeting.

If a third resignation occurs, the remaining Council members are required by State law to call a special election to elect members to fill ALL vacant positions.   If all City Council positions became vacant, the Marion County Commissioners would appoint three persons to serve as Council members to create a quorum, and those appointed would meet to appoint two more persons to constitute the full 5-person Council required by the City Charter.